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Shine the Light

Enlightened Leadership

Taming Dragons and Enhancing Performance​

by Anne F. Kearns, Ph.D.

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Acessible to everyone, even those without a background in business

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In The Press

Quotes from enlightened leaders I've worked for

"Anne has proven herself to be an invaluable and insightful counselor to leaders and their teams. Especially in this remarkable time of business model change."

—Irv Rothman, former Group President, AT&T Capital Corporation

"Anne was able to work with both leadership and staff in a way that brought us together and allowed us to create structures and an environment that guaranteed success and allowed us to grow from a very small school to an organization that serves over 1500 students. Twenty years later, her guidance, sound advice, organizational expertise, humanity, sensitivity, warmth and grace have been at the very foundation of our organization's extraordinary success and ability to serve children in exceptional ways."

"As our startup of three exploded to a team of more than 200, Anne led the way in supporting, protecting, and preserving our entrepreneurial, high-performance culture, knowing the essential role it played in driving and maintaining revenue growth. With bright, insightful thinking that was well ahead of its day, she championed processes and programs that transcended traditional HR practices, and worked with our CEO to design an organization that was highly functional and bursting with happy, productive people. What more could one want?"

"Anne did a masterful job in guiding our rapidly growing software firm's
management team as we defined our mission,  vision and a  set of guiding
principles under which to operate and evaluate performance.. This work was a
primary driver in reducing our turnover from forty percent per  annum to
under ten percent in a three  year period. The most exciting part was the
buy-in to the new approach and the positive impact it had on motivation."

—Betty Paxton, Co-Founder, Optical Data Corp.

—Miguel Brito, former CEO and Founder, Philip's Education Partners, Philip's Academy Charter School, Paterson, NJ 

—Page Stiger, former VP Global HR, Dendrite Intl. 


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Anne Kearns, Ph.D., has held the position of Vice President for Organization Design and Development at AT&T Capital Corporation, known for its innovative approach to strategic planning and its development of a sustainable corporate culture featuring a team environment. Anne also worked for Optical Data Corporation—responsible for Organization Design and Development. For 30 years, Anne has worked closely with leaders and representative employees to develop exemplary corporate cultures and streamlined business processes. Her consulting engagements have included Schering-Plough Research Institute, AT&T Capital Corporation (UK), Advanta Corporation, Dendrite Intl., and The Credit Index. Anne has served as consultant to McKinsey & Company, Inc. to develop an integration model to incorporate human variables in the mergers and acquisitions process. Non-profit engagements have included Princeton University, Rutgers University, Philips Academy in Newark, the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, the NJ Historical Commission, and the East Side Community House in New York City. She has been the Associate Coordinator of the office of Team Leadership Development, funded by the Kellogg Foundation, to provide management development programs for mixed groups of community leaders, faculty, and students at the University of Akron. Anne holds a B.A. in Biology with highest honors from Hollins University, an M.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Remember what you enjoyed as a child

and follow those threads

to find joy

in your work today.

Work, often maligned, is an opportunity 

to spread the wings of your skills and knowledge

and to expand your horizons

beyond imagining.

. . .

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