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Anne’s Writing Tips - An Author Q&A

Q: Where do you pull your inspiration from?

A: I pull my inspiration from things that professors, friends, and other people have mentioned to me. I also pull inspiration from my thoughts because I'm a thinker. I spend a lot of time thinking and getting ideas from the world and as well as other people. My inspiration comes from the inside and the outside of me.

Q: What is your ideal setting for productive writing? 

A: I like writing in a small room like an office, where I'm not going to be disturbed by anyone walking by or other noises. A place to be productive without interruption and a set time devoted to this activity ultimately makes for productive writing.

Q: Do you have a writing routine?

A: Yes, in fact, early morning writing gets the better material when my brain is fresh and ready. I would not set out to write in the evening, because I would feel that my brain is half asleep. So early morning is the best time for me.

Q: How do you overcome writer's block? 

A: If my internal well feels a bit dry, I look outside of myself. I pick up a book that I love or a magazine or go on a walk. A Stanford Study talked about the power of walking in stimulating creative thought and I agree.  

Q: Are you an author who thrives on an outline or do you prefer to write as you go, and organize your thoughts later?

A: I rarely have an outline first. I wait for the outline to emerge as I write.

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